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Your headshot goes to work for you when you aren’t in the room to do it yourself

Give yourself a competitive advantage with a professional headshot

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Booking is easily done online through the scheduler. Find the time that works best for you, and it’s all yours!

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Don’t be nervous about this stage! Once we get going you will begin to see your new headshots come to life. 
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Your selections will be retouched as soon as possible. They will then be made available for downloading.

I developed a simple process that is both easy and fun, ensuring great results.

“My photos are designed to get people exactly like you, noticed. This is why you deserve a great photo. Your headshot should work as hard as you do.”

-Matthew Hamilton Photographer/Owner


I specialize in headshot photography specifically, and it shows. You can’t have less than great photos to market yourself.  You won’t find anyone better, or a more enjoyable experience. I will work with you during the shoot to get the exact results you are looking for!

A selfie will just not cut it when it comes to your personal brand in Philly. Only a professional can help make your image the best it can be! This is what a couple of clients said:

Actor 5 Star Testimonial
MHamiltonVisuals Headshot Session 5 Star Testimonial
Corporate Headshot 5 Star Testimonial


My photography studio is located in the Germantown section of Northwest Philadelphia, PA. It is conveniently placed near both R7 and R8 SEPTA Regional Rail train stations. I am only 20 minutes out of Center City and a few blocks from Lincoln Drive and Fairmount Park.



Your professional headshots don’t have to suck. You deserve the best headshots, that is why you need to go to a professional photographer. I am here to help! Come see what separates us from the other photographers. Even if you are someone in the Philly area who doesn’t like their picture taken, come see me, and you won’t be disappointed with your photos! 

Actor Headshots Philadelphia Collage


Actors and Models, your photos are your main marketing tool. Be the actor that stands out when in front of a casting director with a professional photo. This could be the difference to get that audition you always wanted!

Corporate Headshots Philadelphia Collage


It is important to have great professional images representing your business online. These are great for branding and advertising opportunities. Let’s get together to take your business headshots to the next level!


Your corporate headshots don’t need to be boring. Your images can be super relaxed and show the real you! A professional and modern corporate photograph will create a level of credibility that can help bring better opportunities to you. I know, getting your picture taken can be scary, but I help make the process as painless as possible. It will be so much easier than you think! 

Office Headshots Collage
Office Headshots Collage



I specialize in headshot branding for your whole office. Whether you need me to come

to your office or you want to send your staff to my studio in Philadelphia, PA

we can provide them with top of the line headshots for all individuals!


Are you an actor in Philadelphia and looking for a headshot photographer? As an actor, you know that having an amazing and unique professional acting headshot will catch the casting director’s eye. My headshots will help you get in the door with the top agencies in the Philadelphia area. I have worked with both new and well-versed actors on their headshots.

Free Headshot Tips

Are you looking to receive some tips and tricks for your headshots for FREE? Learn what to wear, what mistakes to avoid, and much much more!

Why Do I Need A Headshot?

You need a professional photograph, not just a selfie. Are you looking to expand your business to new clients? Are you on the job hunt? Are you trying to expand your profile picture, branding, or advertising? Are you being asked to speak at conferences? Have an event coming up? If you are in Philly, then you know that actors and models are trying to make a name for themselves. Whatever your needs, you need your photograph to make a first impression before people even meet you. 

Headshots are the new logos. If you do not have a great one you are at an incredible disadvantage because of it. Headshots come in many shapes and sizes. It is just a matter of what type of photograph you are looking for. No matter the look you are going for in your photo shoot with your headshots, make sure you get one done by professionals who specialize in headshots, specifically. My photography studio is the perfect place for this!


Having professional images are critical in today’s digital age. Social media, Résumés, job searches, speaking jobs, auditions, and press releases. These are some of the possible reasons you may need a self-portrait. Help yourself grow and invest in a picture done by a professional in Philadelphia, PA. Business headshots are vital if you want your business to be viewed as professional. Also, acting headshots are super important in order to be taken seriously in the industry. Lots of companies are looking through social media specifically to fill jobs, this is another reason why it is important to have your profile pictures are looking great. When you have portraits it shows a confident, professional, and approachable person you are increasing the likelihood that people will reach out to you. It makes individuals want to work with you! You can rely on me to help guide you to that amazing picture without an awkward experience. I will help you be taken seriously with a professional head shot images. That is why I became a photographer, to help everyday people take their branding to the next level. Book your session today to level up your marketing!

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