Today, we have a digital identity. It is such a huge part of our lives from people checking to see what we are up to online to looking for a new job. Headshots have become in a way the new business card. Companies have been aware for awhile that they need headshots for their employees. Anyone who is entrepreneurial, looking for a new job, looking to step up their online presence, or someone who just wants a kickass photo of themselves, needs a headshot. Even if you just want a profile photo for Facebook or Instagram, having a good photo is crucial. To me online profiles without a profile photo look awful and it is such an easy fix.

Do you have a resume? You should probably have a headshot for that resume! The resume is about you, right? You have to have a professional headshot on there that shows you looking your best. It shows people that you mean business and are investing in yourself. If you have a less than favorable headshot on your resume right now I would avoid putting the resume out there. You wouldn’t want show up to work looking less than professional, would you? Then don’t show them a resume with a less than amazing photo of yourself on it!

Your headshot needs to display both confidence and approachability in order to be taken seriously. It can have the best lighting and be shot with an amazing camera but if you don’t look the part, you will be overlooked. You work really hard at your job right? My goal is to show that in your headshot! I have had CEO’s, CFO’s, lawyers, doctors and all sorts of people come into my studio and show me their current headshots. The overwhelming concern that those people tell me about is not the lighting, camera used or anything of the sort. It is more centered around their expression. The problem is that these people work high level jobs but their headshot doesn’t show that. Often times it shows them at a party where their friend snapped a photo of them.

Lets talk about job searching. If you aren’t one of those CEO’s we talked about but one day want to be, you still need a professional headshot!  LinkedIn is so huge nowadays and many employers are looking there to fill positions for key roles in their company.  A professional headshot that shows you looking confident in your craft will stop people from scrolling past. Make sure you are making the best first impression you can with a professional headshot. Headshot Photographer Justin Berrington has said, “Headshots are one of the first things anyone will look at when deciding whether to work with you or not. It’s the first signal that you’re someone who cares about portraying professionalism.” This is now more true than ever.

I want you to think about what your current headshot(if you have one) says about you. How does it show “you”? Is it working for you or against you? Consider getting a professional headshot done by someone who specializes in them specifically to take your personal brand, social media, and LIFE to the next level!

If you have already booked a headshot session and are looking for some tips on how to prepare for the shoot. Click here!