Safe Space Policy

My Studio based in Philadelphia is a non-threatening space for clients, visitors, vendors, and students.

Any and all threatening and oppressive behavior is not tolerated by MHamiltonVisuals.

Oppressive behavior includes discriminatory conduct that harms, marginalizes, demeans, or threatens anyone based on ability, cultural background, appearance, gender, education, ethnicity, age, immigration status, language, nationality, race, religion, or sexual preference or orientation.

If you experience any sort of assault, abuse, or harassment of any kind, or if you feel someone is interfering with your presence in the studio, please inform me immediately.

When you come to my studio you agree to the following:

1.Discrimination, harassment, Assault and threats will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

2. Respect everyones backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, economic status gender identity, sexual preferences/orientations and social status.

3. Respect boundaries of everyone and be respectful of their wishes.

4. Smoking, drugs, and weapons are not allowed in the studio at any time unless discussed before your session.

5. Change your behavior if someone tells you they feel uncomfortable.

6. Alcohol is only allowed if discussed prior to the session.

If you do not agree with these policies then you will be required to leave the building.

If you would like something added to this list or if you have any suggestions to the Safe Space Policy feel free to reach out to me to discuss. I want the studio to feel like a welcoming environment for all.