What Do Photographers Mean By “Looks”?

Pretty much when a photographer refers to “looks” it is just some photography lingo. It refers to the outfits you would be wearing during your headshot session. Most of the time a photographer’s fee will increase depending on the amount of “looks” someone is going to be doing during their shoot. It can also be a little more complicated as some photographers will classify little changes like glasses on or off as a “look” change. Some photographers even treat different background colors as different “looks”. I do not treat these things as a different “look”. This means bring your glasses and we can try with and without during the shoot, even during sessions that only include one “look”.


Photoshoot Clothing look Selection

Actors and models are usually interested in trying out different “looks” throughout their shoot. This way they can have multiple different looks and vibes to their photos. Different outfit changes will cater to different characters they may be going for. This is where a session package with unlimited looks comes into play. This way my clients can bring in as many outfits as they would like to. This allows you to show more range in characters and increase the chances of being hired for different parts. Rather than having one headshot that they use for everything, they have the ability to choose which headshot works best for a specific role they are going for. You definitely want to make sure the casting director can visualize you in the role they are looking to fill. 

Sometimes guys want to come in with a little scruff on their face and shave it for later in the session. This is also a possibility given we have scheduled enough time for that to happen. This way guys have both looks for their marketing materials! Also remember, everything photographer will handle looks differently during their photo sessions.

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