I developed a simple process that is both easy and fun, ensuring great results.

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"It's impossible to walk awaywithout a headshot you love!
I felt like we had been friends for years! We took our time reviewing each shot together and discussing how to make the next shot even better.”


In studio Headshots

$250 photoshoot

Your personalized session experience

$100 Per Image

Includes retouching/delivery within 10 days

Headshots For The Whole Team?

If you are looking for group rates, please click the “Request A Quote” button. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring to my session?

I want you to bring multiple top options to choose from during your headshot session. We will go through all of the options you brought and talk about how the different looks will change peoples perception of you. It is good to have options throughout the shoot in case we do not like how one option is showing on camera. 

What does retouching mean?

It is totally up to you how many photos you choose at the end of the shoot for retouching. Retouching is where all of that Photoshop magic that you hear about, comes into play. I don’t go crazy with my retouching because we want your new professional headshots to still look like you. Just you on your best day! Don’t worry about any acne, blemishes, or anything of the sort, that will all be taken care of in the retouching process. At the end of the shoot we will talk about retouching and what that may look like in your specific shots.

Do you offer discounts?

Please contact me if you have multiple people and would like to discuss group discounted rates for in studio headshots. I also offer my returning clients $75 off their session fee.

Do you offer group headshots?

Yes! I offer discounted individual sessions for groups or we can also schedule everyone to get their headshots done at the same time. Group headshots are a great way for businesses to get a consistent look throughout their headshots.

How long does retouching take?

Your retouched photos will be made available for download within 10 days from the time you select them. If you are needing a fast turnaround, I offer same-day retouching for $50.00 per image.

How can I submit payment?

I accept Cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, Credit/Debit Cards.

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