MHamiltonVisuals creates different headshots, not your standard headshots. My product is unique and the best you can get. I don’t just give my clients a headshot, I educate them about how to look their best in photos. I provide my clients something different. I see their headshot as something closer to a modern day logo. It has to stand out from everyone else’s. It has to show you looking confident and approachable as well as serious and fun. I truly care about the photos that my clients use to represent themselves.

We want to make sure that your headshots look like the rockstar you are. You are not a robot or fake, you are a human. I want your headshot to show that. It should show you, being you. This is what makes my headshots different. As we shoot you will become more and more comfortable and almost invincible. Headshot photographer Dan Hilton says this is where the best shots come from during the session. Once we get to the invincible level there is no turning back and it is truly incredible.

My name is Matthew Hamilton. I am a headshot photographer in Philadelphia. My headshots are not your standard headshots. If you are looking for something truly different, then I am here for you. You are different as well and unique. This is something that separates you from everyone else. Let’s celebrate that!

 If you would like to book your very own headshot session with me, click the link below!