You probably know of some photographers that focus on many different sub genres. From weddings to newborns to family photographers. I get it, it is probably easier for you to just ask one of those photographers to take your headshot. Don’t make this mistake! Headshots are very detail oriented and require someone who knows exactly what to look for. As a headshot photographer, I study faces, every detail of how a human face moves when a camera is pointed in it’s direction. These other photographers can probably create a nice lighting setup for you to step in front of, and they can probably retouch the photos nicely for you. Like I said, that is not what is missing from this equation. According to Connecticut headshot photographer Seshu, your photographer needs to be hyper aware of the little details that make up your headshot. They also need to know how to create an environment that allows for a genuine expression to occur and need to understand the little subtleties of the human face and how that effects the end result.

I have spent years studying these details and I think it shows in my work. If I ever get married I will be hiring a professional wedding photographer for similar reasons. They have their system down. They know the in’s and out’s of the wedding day, how to handle different situations should they come up and how to produce an amazing product. I wouldn’t hire a headshot photographer to shoot my wedding, get it?

Since headshots are designed to convey the best version of “you” to the world, you definitely want this image to be the most perfect it can be. Hiring a professional photographer who specializes in headshots is the easiest way to make that happen. This simple photo of your face contains many subtle details that a specialist will be aware of and help make sure this photo does it’s job. You may be nervous about making sure you picked out the right clothes for the shoot, or you are concerned about some facial feature you are trying to hide. Make sure you partner with a photographer you can trust to take care of the rest of the image, those little details that only a headshot specialist can help with.

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